So you think you can't buy a house

July 12, 2016

Well... Let's discuss this. 

First, I'm assuming you have a job and that you have had that job for a few years and you feel pretty secure in your job.

Second, I'm assuming you have thought about owning a home instead of renting an apartment or paying rent in someone else's home.

Third, I'm assuming you haven't checked your credit because you are afraid to and don't know where you can for free.

Taking those things into consideration, I say this........

First things First.... Find a lender, someone who will work with you on credit issues if you have them (usually for free).. YES I SAID FREE...  A GOOD lender can tell you pretty darn quickly if home ownership is within reach immediately or within a relatively accurate time span if you have somethings to work on. A GOOD lender will also be able to create a plan with you on what you need to work on and how long it will take to do get you to the place of being able to obtain a mortgage! A GOOD lender will not simply dismiss you and say.. sorry you can't do this....  So if this is one of the reasons you think you can't buy a house... I assure you... not every lender will be the same. A GOOD lender is going to give you the tools and provide you a plan and be sure you stay in payment and price range you are comfortable with.  I happen to know a GREAT lender who will do all the things I mentioned and be a cool guy too!!! IMAGINE THAT! When talking to the lender you will learn about your credit too. You maybe surprised to find out that changing your score is quicker and easier than you thought. YOUR Credit Score is updated every two weeks... most people didn't know that.. I sure didn't before I got into this business. 

If you want to look at your credit on your own a good FREE place to start is This site is free and has cool features that you can use all for free to calculate your score if you paid down or off a credit card. It's free all the time.  Another place to check out your credit is on, you can't see your score on this site, but you can pull your credit once a year for free from all three credit reporting agencies. 

Now that you know your score and how to keep up with it and that you CAN obtain a mortgage loan the next thing to do is find an agent. Find one that you like, that fits your personality and that you feel  you can spend a lot of time with. You WILL be spending a lot of time with that person, so its important you guys jive. An agent should not only help you find a home, take you to view homes and write a contract for you, They should have YOUR best interest at heart! They should listen to your needs, your wants, ask your opinion, re-evaluate those wants and needs throughout the process and be a reliable source of information and frankly BE AVAILABLE to you.   Wants and needs change through the process, you may think you want certain things and won't negotiate on those wants, but then you get out there and you find you want other things instead and that your first thoughts weren't exactly spot on.  Your agent should be able to move with those changes and find you a home to call your own. COULD you go at this process without an agent.. sure.. there is nothing stopping you... do i recommend that? UHHH NO!!!   If you aren't versed in the real estate world, you might get lost and bamboozled in the transaction. AN AGENT IS YOUR PROTECTION!! and guess what.. YOUR BUYER AGENT.. FREE!!!!

Ok.. you talked to a lender, you got your qualified for a mortgage, you know what your price range is, you have your agent picked out and you are ready to start hunting... Wait.. I thought you said you couldn't buy a house?  Well just like everything else that changes in the world... your thoughts on this matter have changed too!!!   


Home ownership is a great investment, source of pride and is still the Great American Dream! 

written by: Daniella Moreci-Pack, Realtor extraordinaire! 

"Let's get PACKing"